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Having recently joined the motherhood fraternity there are a few things I will now swear by that will keep your milk supply high and help your body recover from the grueling privilege of bringing life into this world. Your mother, mother in love, aunties will bring thermoses of porridge and there are plenty of reasons its good for you.

 Porridge sits just right in your belly and is perfect for breakfast, as a midday snack and that all important 3 a.m. feeding that you will inevitably find yourself. This balanced comfort food is filling and nourishing. Millet is full of fiber – something you desperately need in your diet after giving birth!

 Millet and sorghum porridge contains phosphorous which is critical in the repair of body tissue. Whether you had a normal delivery or a cesarean your body will need to knit itself back together.  This carbohydrate is excellent for energy and in those first few weeks of having your bundle of joy you are going to need it. Trust me, ignore those celebrities who have “rebounded” and are back to their pre-pregnancy weight in 2 weeks – it’s their job to look that way! This is not the time to be cutting out calories to try lose weight you will have plenty of time after you’ve settled into your new life.

 Millet and Sorghum are well documented as lactogenic foods. Knowing all of this here is a full proof recipe on how to make Winnie’s Pure Health Uji Afya:


  • ½ cup of Winnie’s Pure Health Uji Afya
  • 4 tablespoons Winnie’s Pure Health Honey
  • 3 cups water


1     Heat 2 ½ cups of water in a saucepan it should not reach boiling point.

2     In a small bowl mix the remaining half cup of cold water with the half cup of flour into a smooth paste without any lumps.

3     Pour the mixture into the now warm water in the pot and stir.

4     Increase heat to a medium high heat, stir continuously to avoid lumps until the porridge thickens.

5     Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

6     Sweeten with honey.

 For variety,  jazz up your porridge the following ways: sprinkle cinnamon, add slices of fruit, squeeze some lemon juice, milk or ferment it.

 Winnie’s Pure Health has 4 porridge flours to select from: 

Uji Afya 

Sour Uji Afya 

Terere Afya 

Wimbi Afya 



Tara Gitau

Managing Director

Winnie’s Pure Health Products



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