Black beans, commonly known as Njahi in Kenya, are a popular bean consumed for their numerous health benefits. These beans are particularly recommended for breastfeeding mothers due to their high fiber content, which aids in milk production and provides essential proteins to restore energy lost during labour. Black beans boast the highest antioxidant content among beans and exhibit strong inhibitory activity against human colon, liver, and breast cancer cells, making them one of the healthiest beans available.

Nutritional Profile

Black beans have a pea-sized black skin, creamy white meat, and a fragrant, deep flavors often compared to mushrooms. They maintain their shape during cooking and have a smooth texture. Nutrient-dense, black beans are low in fat and sugar but high in protein, fiber, and several other essential nutrients.

High Protein Plant-Based Food

Black beans are an excellent source of protein, making them particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans who do not consume animal protein. Protein is crucial for tissue and muscle formation, healing damaged cells, and the function of enzymes and transporters.

Aids in Formation of Strong Bones

Rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc, black beans are vital for strong bones. Many people lack adequate calcium, with 99% of the body’s calcium, 60% of its magnesium, and 80% of its phosphorus stored in bones. Although calcium supplements are popular, research indicates that dietary calcium is more effective for bone health. Adding cheese to black bean dishes can boost calcium intake.

Blood Sugar Control

Unlike many high-carbohydrate foods, black beans do not cause blood sugar spikes. Studies show that consuming black beans with rice results in lower blood sugar levels. These beans help individuals with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels and reduce their risk of heart disease.

Beneficial to Heart Health

One of the best reasons to include black beans in your diet is their high fiber content. Soluble fiber in black beans has been shown to help lower blood cholesterol levels. Additionally, black beans contain modest levels of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial cholesterol that counteracts the harmful effects of omega-6 fatty acids.

Weight Control

Dietary fiber is widely recognized as crucial for weight loss and management. It acts as a bulking agent in the digestive system, increasing the sense of fullness and reducing appetite. High-fiber foods like black beans make individuals feel fuller for longer, leading to lower overall calorie intake. Studies suggest that increasing consumption of plant foods like black beans reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and overall mortality while promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and lower overall weight.

How to Enjoy Black Beans

  • In Salads: Add them to your favourite salads for a protein boost.
  • In Tacos: Perfect filling for vegetarian tacos.
  • In Soups: Black bean soups are hearty and delicious.
  • As Snacks: Make black bean hummus for a tasty dip.

At Winnies Pure Health, we offer clean, sorted black beans ready to soak and cook. Available in all supermarkets, check out our website for more fun and easy ways to include black beans in your diet. Give them a try – your body (and taste buds) will love you for it!


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