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People always say change is inevitable and this is so true when it comes to healthy eating, new beginnings are never easy they can be scary, full of uncertainty, and overwhelming. But the feeling of doing something that you always wanted to do whether that’s losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle is definitely worth it. If you’ve followed Winnie’s Pure Health for any amount of time you probably already know we are firm believers that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and complicated. We believe in tasty organic food that is sweet to taste and healthy for the body making it sustainable for the long haul. In this blog post, we have taken time to share our best tips to help you shed that fat without giving up tasty foods and snacks because food is amazing and should be enjoyed!


Drinking plenty of water isn’t only good for hydration, it will help you lose weight. Water has zero calories; as much water you consume it doesn’t contribute to the number of calories. Ideally, you should be drinking half your weight and more if you exercise. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks also trains your taste buds to enjoy less sugar each day so you’ll crave fewer sweets and empty carbs. If you are struggling to drink water you add natural flavors like mint and lemon to enhance the taste.


Weight loss is not just about food and drinks but about rest and good sleep which is important for how your body functions and what your body craves. Sleep also helps to balance your hormones that contribute to sugar craves. The more regular and good sleep your body gets, the happier your body will be making it easier to get and stay healthy.


Portion size is critical when losing weight this is because the more food you eat that you don’t need the more fat will get stored in your body and vice versa. In some cases, the portion served at the restaurant is way too big and has too many calories than what your body requires. The better you understand what’s on your plate the easier it is to know what portions and sizes you should eat. Aim to eat whole grain carbs, more veggies, and lean protein.


Planning is the most important weight loss hack out of all. Without planning, you have very little control over your destiny and healthy lifestyle. As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail” meal planning eliminates temptations almost entirely. Because you will have to plan for the best ingredients and pre-portion your food and forget about opening the fridge to find out you have nothing to eat. 

This list is designed to help ease you into a world of eating healthy with as much success as possible. Nothing worth doing is ever too easy, and following a healthy lifestyle is a commitment that takes hard work and dedication, but the results are so worth it. If you’d like to learn more recipes to prepare healthy meals to check our website ( ) and let us know which one of our recipes have you enjoyed making.


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