Of Times and Seasons

time and season

The beauty of life lies in all its transitions. The different phases of learning, thriving, and growing that we get to experience. Often, in most of our conversations, we tend to throw in the phrases time and season to explain the chapter we are on. For everything under the sun, there is a season.  What better way to learn about this than through the four seasons of nature, namely summer, autumn, winter, and spring?

Corresponding to these periods that signify new beginnings, gloominess, blooming, and joy, so are life’s moments. Life’s situations may present a moment of perfect health, love, plenty, and contrary to what we desire. In these “back-breaking” seasons that may lead to posing several questions to the creator on what the issue could be. In all these, the knowledge that God shall make it beautiful at the right time is comforting.

What is your current season?

  1. The dry season where God feels a million miles away and prayers may seem unanswered. Instead of letting go of your faith, draw closer to the Almighty as He is close to the heartbroken
  2. The period of waiting seeming to last forever. Trust that God is pruning and prepping you for the next season of greatness
  3. The grinding season where you have no time since life seems to be moving too fast, either through working on your marriage, parenthood, or growing your career. Despite the busyness, seek God more for direction and wisdom
  4. The period of joy. Everyone desires to be in this time frame, but if we constantly experienced it, life would be a bit boring. We get the manifestation of our prayers and are ever celebrating the big wins. Sadly, we may forget that it is indeed the Lord’s doing that brought us thus far. Therefore, praising God and acknowledging Him should not cease. Also, if enjoying a period of plenty, do not forget to save for the rainy days ahead

No matter the season, remember to glorify God. We have no control of these times, but we can only respond to them and how we do so determines how best we deal with the specific situation. The take-home lessons about seasons are;

  1. They are a reminder that a greater force is working and not against us but for us
  2. There is a purpose. It could be to culture patience, discipline, or contentment
  3. Add spice to life as they break the possibility of monopoly if we only lived in one season. Just like nature, fall time, winter, and spring are all alluring
  4. Ever-changing. You are either walking, getting out of, or in a ‘desert’. None of these seasons are permanent
  5. Help one develop new skills or sharpen already existing skills

Understanding what season you are in is paramount. You are better equipped with knowledge


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