Belly Fat; What Will and Won’t Work

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Our dietary patterns have changed and so have our bodies. Our weights have become heavier, and our waistlines rounder.  Historically, having a pot belly was a sign of opulence but that is not the case presently. Regular reports released by health professionals indicate that this kind of fat poses a risk to their health. It is then affected people opt to do something about it. Some of those with disciplined habits adopt work while those that prefer quick results fail terribly.

Belly fat is also known as visceral fat. This is fat packed between the abdominal organs causing the person to have a thicker waistline or potbelly. Unchanged factors that seem to influence fat distribution most are genetics, gender, and age.  Also, factors such as stress, overeating, and having an inactive lifestyle increase the fat percentage. The health challenges experienced are heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Since the cost of managing these diseases is high, the only option is to get rid of the fat.

The most effective ways of getting rid of this fat are:

  1. Improving food choices by reducing consumption of sugar, alcohol, trans-fat, and processed foods and increasing fiber intake
  2. Managing stress since stress results in consumption of ‘reward foods’ which are mostly unhealthy and the release of cortisol influences fat accumulation around the belly
  3. Committing to an active lifestyle

Besides the aforementioned practices, are current touted strategies beneficial or a marketing gimmick?

  1. Wearing waist trainers are a financial investment. Waist trainers will temporarily cinch the waist and assist in giving a desirable body. However, they do not melt belly fat.
  2. Restrictive diets are common because they promise significant weight loss. Unfortunately, if done for so long, the body goes into reservation mode resulting in reduced metabolism and accumulated fat.
  3. Sipping detox tea is a common practice with several teas in the market promising weight loss within a specified period. Regrettably, the majority of the teas lead to diarrhoea and if not well managed can result in dehydration.
  4. Training abdominal muscles through sit-ups and crunches. Spot training is not an effective method of losing the pot belly however, doing abdominal workouts can help your belly appear flat and toned.

Debunking the myths on these popular strategies may be heart-breaking for those looking for an easy way out. However, for those desiring to put in the work, be consistent, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise does indeed yield results if combined with healthy food choices and proper stress reduction strategies.


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