A Novice At Motherhood

post partum

The thought of bringing forth life gets you excited and terrified at the same time. Thrilled that you will soon be having a tiny human to do life with and nervous because you have no idea of how the journey will turn out since you are a newbie in the field. However, as days culminate into weeks and later on months, you get as much information you can from books, videos, and several online and offline support groups. It makes you feel equipped for the journey ahead. Though every experience is different, you learn several tips to get you proceed.

As a first-time mom, life will change. No one and nothing prepares you until you experience it yourself. It may be the sleepless nights, baby bulge, engorged breasts, fatigue, reduced time with friends, and lack of quality time with your partner. Despite these shortcomings, it’s all worth it in the end. Instead of giving yourself pressure to be a perfect mom or supermom, allow yourself to feel every high and low and take a break when you feel overwhelmed.

Tips for a first-time mum

  1. Learn how to properly latch your baby to avoid instances of cracked nipples and your little one not feeding well
  2. In the case of engorged breasts, use the warm towel massage technique. Also, regularly feed your child
  3. Accept help when offered and if not presented, request for it
  4. Let your partner assist. He can take care of the baby and make them feel protected. Remember, you are a team
  5. Take it a day at a time
  6. Do not expect to snap back to your pre-pregnancy body immediately. It will take time; so avoid body shaming yourself and appreciate your body for being strong enough to carry and bring forth life
  7. Maintain a healthy diet to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk
  8. Effectively manage your stress as it can affect breastmilk supply
  9. You may lose a few friends because your priorities have changed but allow for new friendships to grow
  10. Have a support system. Postpartum depression is a reality, but one that is not shameful
  11. Your definition of me-time will change. Learn to embrace the quiet showers, light walks, and any other activity where you can rejuvenate and re-strategize
  12. Take care of yourself. You and your family deserve the best version of yourself
  13. Sieve information you may receive from friends and family. Not every piece of advice will work for you and your baby
  14. Take cues from your baby like when they are hungry or full
  15. Do not be the overprotective mother who is afraid of every activity your little one does. It may be easier said than done but let your child explore and learn a few things while at it

One may guilt-trip themselves or even compare their parenting skills, but that only makes you feel worse. Instead, appreciate every moment and constantly assure yourself that you will do a great job. If no one told you today, you will be and are an amazing mother!


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