Menstruation and Pregnancy Apps

fertility and menstrual apps

According to the Digital 2020 Kenya report, in January 2020, there were 22.86 million internet users.  The statistic translates to half of the population being internet users. On the internet platform, various applications exist that promise to make life easy.  Of such apps, those that tackle health seem popular.  Interestingly, mobile applications that help track menstruation and fertility stand out. It may seem farfetched, but these feminine apps are here to stay. The question remains whether they are efficient and worth the try in averting pregnancy during the supposed safe days or dictating whether unprotected sexual activity on the purported fertility days can result in pregnancy?

These applications take out the hustle from our busy life of thinking when your periods are due or when it’s the right time to hit the sack if trying to conceive.  Once the user has keyed in the necessary information such as weight, age, cycle length, and last menstrual date, the app is ready to use. Depending on the application installed, daily recording of the required details ought to be done.

Despite its simple appearance, the accuracy of the details provided by the app is questionable.  This is as a result of tracker fatigue whereby the client fails to give the right information.  The majority of young women have disregarded the fact that this form of self-tracking could fail and opted to use it as a natural family planning method. Unlike the coil, hormonal pills, and depo that can be invasive and interfere with the menstrual cycle as well as imbalance the hormones, the use of apps is effortless, non-invasive, and has zero side effects making them a more preferred option.

Some women will swear by the app while others won’t probably because their cycle is short or have irregular periods. For those who might give it a try, one of the most recommended apps in the Kenyan space is My Calendar.  Once downloaded, the application will have the below features:

  1. A beautiful pink colored theme that can be changed
  2. Once you log in, fill in details of your weight, cycle length, days you are experiencing the menses, medication, and flow
  3. Daily data on how close you are to your ovulation, and menstruation days, as well as fertility window period, are recorded
  4. Daily updates on details of sexual activity, mood, and symptoms under each day that you are required to fill

A lot happens to our bodies as women.  The decision to choose what family planning method works can be daunting.  If the app works for you, well.  But if you are too skeptical about taking the risk, consider visiting a good gynecologist for advice on what would work best.


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