Toto Afya Porridge Is Best for Your Child


Studies have shown that a bowl of warm, nutritious and tasty porridge is healthy for your child and what better time to serve it than at breakfast? Add a packet of Toto Afya porridge from Winnie’s Pure Health to your shopping cart and get your children to reap the health benefits that come with it.

The 21st century has changed the modern person’s lifestyles from being able to leave work at work to being able to access work 24/7. Tight deadlines, after work networking events, the never ending Kenyan traffic forces us to forget the essentials that we need to nourish our mind, body, and soul. Today, convenience trumps health but one thing we can all agree is that we all want the very best for our children. Studies show that those who eat breakfast tend to have more positive moods and energy than those who skip it and no one wants their child to be in a good mood than their parents.

For parents who need a trusted nutritious porridge for their children, Winnie’s Pure Health Toto Afya is a porridge flour that builds strong bones and teeth and boosts the immune system to withstand the early cold mornings. A daily bowl of Toto Afya is not only nutritious and energy-giving but also natural and delicious.

Carefully formulated, you will find vital nutrients including calcium, iron, protein, fiber and other minerals that aid in healthy growth and will give children the energy they need. In your packet of Toto Afya, you will find that 100 grams of Toto Afya contains 350 milligrams of calcium compared to 113mg found in whole milk. In addition, it is a gluten free breakfast option, your children will experience free and regular bowel movements; promoting their appetite and immune system.

Like most parents, a concern continues to be whether your children will agree to switch from sugary cereals to a nutritious porridge. Worry not, Toto Afya contains milk powder to give it a smooth creamy taste. And for that extra kick of flavor and vitamins, you can consider adding fruits, such as bananas and strawberries, and finish off by adding Winnie’s Pure Health natural honey for sweetness.

Breakfast is the building block of the day and sets the tone for a day filled with energy. So of equal importance is the need to realize that as a parent, you play a role in ensuring your children adopt good eating habits. To aid in setting a foundation in good eating, it would be wise to sit down with them and have breakfast as opposed to grabbing a bite to eat on the go. Sharing this essential first meal of the day with your children using Toto Afya, will comfort you in knowing that you are providing them with vitamins and minerals to help them unleash their potential.


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