The Struggle to Lose Weight

weight loss

“Pima Weight (know your weight) and Pima height weight” are the commonly heard phrases when you visit Nairobi Central Business District and other towns.  The proprietors of this services urge pedestrians to know their Body Mass Index (BMI).  Several walk past opting not get their weight checked for one reason or the other.

With or without stepping on the scale, you can sometimes gauge if you have gained or lost weight by how clothes fit. Currently, unhealthy foods are increasingly consumed and physical activity is not a priority. This has contributed to the high rates of individuals who are overweight or obese. Both men and women are at risk of being overweight and obese; and it is estimated that 1 in every 3 women are overweight with the risk of this figure going higher among women in the upper socio-economic spectrum (CDC, 2018).

The façade that slim is sexy and the health risks associated with excess weight has several individuals participate in the ‘lose weight quickly without breaking a sweat’ schemes available in the market.  The infamous practices include: slimming pills, slimming tea, and diet fads that have unfortunately resulted in the user gaining even more weight. However, what could be the probable cause of fad diets and the gym not being effective in weight loss?

  1. High calorie intake as opposed to calorie output.  This results in a calorie deficit that contributes to increased fat percentage
  2. Not getting adequate sleep.  This harms your metabolism by causing an increase in your appetite as a result of enhanced ghrelin hormone release
  3. Excessive drinking of sugary drinks which results in increased calorie intake
  4. Failure to exercise portion control
  5. Eating too little or skipping meals which cause the metabolism to slow down.  Further, the body stores any food that is eaten as fat to ensure there is enough energy in the body.  This occurs because the body enters a reservation state
  6. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism which reduces metabolism
  7. Hormonal imbalance such as estrogen dominance and high blood sugar levels
  8. Prolonged stress levels which result in high cortisol levels that lead to the intake of unhealthy foods and slow metabolism
  9. Fad diets when prolonged can slow your metabolism leading to weight gain
  10. Medication such as steroids

Weight loss is not a one coat fits all affair since what might work for the other, might not work for you.  Therefore, before adopting and getting frustrated with a specific weight loss plan, it is appropriate to check the aforementioned factors that may be slowing your progress.  While at it, it’s worth noting that there are healthier methods in place to stay in shape.

The following ae healthy practices you can adopt:

  1.  Mindful eating and practice portion control
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep,
  3.  Exercise 3 to 5 times a week
  4.  Adopting proper stress management techniques
  5.  Minimize consumption of sugary drinks, and avoid fad diets.

While on a weight loss journey remember to be kind to yourself, consistent, disciplined, and set achievable goals. Appreciate your wins and to feel good about yourself because you will need this and much more in the weight loss journey.


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