Working Mother: 5 Tips for being Successful


Going back to work after having our baby was one of the hardest transitions I went through. An undeniable bond formed between baby and me after having her underneath my heart for 9 months of pregnancy and 4 months of nursing. The day came when I went back to work and I was wrought with thoughts of how I would miss her milestones while I was at the office.

The key to being a successful working mother is having a strong relationship with her nanny. These are the things that are working for me:

1. Create a friendship with your child’s nanny. Know her beyond the caregiver that she is, really know her. Take the time to find out about her children and how they are. When doing Christmas shopping purchase something for her and her children. It is important that she feels a part of your family.

2. When you get home after work ask her both about herself and your child. You must be sensitive to the fact that she has a personal life and it can affect her worklife. I now find that my nanny now shares things about my child without me asking.

3. You might miss your child’s first step but fortunately your child’s milestones come slowly and will be repeated. If you have to go on a long trip request your nanny to send you pictures on WhatsApp. When you come back from your trip bring something small for her in appreciation.

4. Ensure that your nanny gets a break. This includes during the week and over the weekend. Everyone loves their child but even parents need a break from their own child. Now imagine how your nanny feels after spending ALL day with your child. When you get home ensure that you spend quality time with your baby. This cements the bond with your child and it gives your nanny a much-needed break. The law also requires that your nanny receive at least one day off every week. Do it!

5. If your nanny has her own children ask her for advice about your own child. My baby is a fussy eater and hates napping – she’s preparing to be a CEO. My child’s nanny helped me figure out what little tips and tricks on getting her to eat and sleep.


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