The Gift That Is Health

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2019 has been quite a year! We can all unanimously sing ‘2019 was not meant to last forever’ regardless of the emotions that come with it. 

As Kenyans, we were proud of our Athletics team.  This moment was crowned by the win in the INEOS 1:59 challenge by the superhuman Eliud Kipchoge. A day later the female marathon record that had been held by Paula Radcliffe for 16 years was broken by our very own Brigid Kosgei.  What a moment it was to be Kenyan. We can proudly say that indeed no human is limited.

Additionally, we saw the unveiling of the new currency and the opinions that surrounded it.  Not to leave behind the music scene, this year has seen the millennials take over with their danceable tunes that are leaving the ‘oldies’ behind wondering what is ‘wrong’ with the current generation. All these moments have made 2019 worthwhile.

We have laughed and cried but regardless of all that one thing remains; God has been gracious enough to us.  He has held us and carried us through the year.  Whatever may have been sent to destroy us has been nothing but a stepping stone into our great accomplishment.  In the words of David, the psalmist, ‘had it not been for God on our side, the enemy would have devoured us.’

We are truly grateful for the gift of life to sail through these situations and above all the gift of health.  As some are unboxing their gifts this Christmas season, and you may have nothing to unbox, remember, the one very important gift that you have is health.  This gift must be well embraced and treasured.  We all need to remember that our health is our wealth and like our hearts, must be guarded jealously.

How do we treasure it may be the question?  Well, start with putting away the junk food and having a healthy meal, get to be physically active, visit the nearest health facility for screening, maintain a healthy weight and pick an accountability partner if you are starting on the workout.  In addition to that, maintain high levels of hygiene, get enough rest, maintain a regular sleeping pattern, manage your social networks and, open your heart to give and receive love.

One of the most important ways of being healthy is to ask our creator to teach you the best way to be healthy.  This is because we are taking care of His temple, and who better to teach us how to than the maker Himself.   Has He also not promised that if we ask anything in His name then we should believe we have received it? Take it to Him and remember to be quick to listen and practice as per His revelation to you.  Also, give thanks for what you presently have, because there is so much power in gratitude.

If by any chance you may have failed at any of these ways, stand up, step out and be bold enough to start all over again.  It is a matter of progress and not perfection.  From us to you, remember we aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We may not be there yet but we thank the Almighty for this far that He has brought us with regards to health.

We are grateful for good health and we look forward to an even better 2020.  May you eat, live and breathe nothing but health and good vibes.


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