Love Over A Cup of Hibiscus


Happy Valentines!!

It is yet that time of the year received with mixed emotions by the single fellas and those in relationships. For the single fellas the day is not one to be enjoyed as much because of the lonely moments as opposed to their engaged counterparts. To some in relationships, the moment is still one not looked forward to because of the cost it brings along as a result of the high expectations put in place by their significant other. Disappointments are at times considered the order of the day by some especially since the day falls on the mid-month a period commonly referred to as mwezi iko kona.

Thank God for the mobile loans that require no collateral and come just in time as they will go a long way in making the day a success for some especially those that had no savings after the 90 days of ‘Njaanuary’ and the kurudishia mwili shukrani effect. Whatever way you choose to go about it, we are of the school of thought that there is no special day to celebrate love as it should be celebrated daily and you also do not need to break the bank to enjoy the day.

Love does not necessarily have to be felt with a partner, self-love should also be celebrated on the same day as well as throughout the month and year. How then do we go about celebrating the month of love without breaking any banks you ask? Well, get to enjoy it over a cup of your healthy hibiscus tea.

You may be wondering why the Hibiscus tea to be specific but this is one of those drinks that creates the perfect ambience for all the mushiness and for my single fellows, this is one that can perfectly accompany that romantic novel (yes, you are allowed to ditch the cup of coffee) or movie while chilling in the house alone or with friends (the Netflix and chill moment). The drink is better served hot and best when cold especially with some ice cubes and Winnie’s Pure Health Pure Honey for the added flavour.

The drink is a good source of iron, which helps in red blood cells formation, and vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) which is an excellent antioxidant that helps keep cancerous cells away as well as improving our immune system to help fight infections. For hypertensives, the tea helps control the blood pressure while for lactating mothers, the drink will improve milk let down. What is even better about the drink is that it is safe for children, the cost of this product is pocket friendly and is readily available in your nearest supermarket.

If you still need a hassle free and very cost-effective plan, there you have it and karibu sana, I mean we have to support our own all in the name of love. In addition to enjoying it over the love month you are allowed to indulge throughout the year because from this side of the Sahara, anytime is tea time and from us here at Winnie’s Pure Health, anytime is Hibiscus tea time.


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