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Did you achieve your today’s plan? As you read todays tip take a few moments to think if they resonate with you. Wasting time looks different for everyone but sometimes it’s good to pause and reflect if you are spending your time the way you had intended to. Today’s tip Is about simplifying your schedule and creating out a space for what matters. Space isn’t just the physical space in your home or in your desk or in your locker, but it’s space in your schedule and in your heart and mind for what matters to you. Space gives us ease, freedom, less stress more joy and room to grow and breathe.

 Time management and productivity tips are the secret sauce of intentional living. Alongside clearing the clutter in your home, clearing space in your diary, decluttering your schedule and finding the value in slowing down and being less busy are so important in our fast-paced, be more, do more, achieve more, modern culture.

I hope this article offers you some ideas on things that waste your time along with practical tips on how to simply your schedule and be intentional with your time.

  • Mindless scrolling through social media

Keeping up with social media is important to many of us. However, losing track of time and not being intentional about why and what you’re looking at, can be a massive waste of time. Especially of its time that you were meant to be using to get other things done! Keep a check on how much time you spend on social media and perhaps find ways to limit this time during the day if you need to.

  • Not planning in advance

Planning allows you to have an overview of what needs to be done and when. You’ll have an idea of what and where you need to spend your time and it stops you wasting time by being disorganised and unfocused.

  • Procrastinating

Stop putting off things you really don’t want to do. Get them done today and see how much lighter you feel. Procrastinating just waste your time. Either decide to get today, or another deadline you’ve set for the short-term, or don’t do it all. If it was really that important, wouldn’t you have got it done by now?

  • Not being organised

Not being organised can be a waste of your time. You don’t know what needs to be done, when to do it and you just end up chasing your tail and hoping for the best. Be organised so you can plan ahead, prepare and give yourself some wiggle room in case of any problem or emergencies.

  • Getting distracted

One of the biggest ways to waste your time is by allowing yourself to get distracted or side tracked from what you’re doing. Try to keep and complete one task before you move onto the next. Put your phone out of sight, limiting screen time and only check emails at certain times this avoids distractions.

Whatever you do in life, make sure you know why you’re doing it.

  • What’s the purpose?
  • Is it because you want?
  • Does it help somebody?
  • Does it add value?
  • Is it important to you?
  • Is it the right thing to

If you can’t come up with some good answers to this question, then maybe you and to re-think the intention behind it. Not being intentional about what you’re doing and doing something just because you hadn’t really given it ant thought, or it’s just a habit, can be a waste of your time.


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