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The dairy industry has long peddled the idea that milk is entirely healthy and is a critical part of a balanced diet. But the charming milk mustaches of viral advertising campaigns conceal darker truths. Milk has been linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity, and other serious conditions like bloating, bowel disturbances, etc. the milk we drink today is not the same milk our fore-parents drank and made fermented milk. Cows have been given so many hormonal drugs and are fed different formulas for them to produce milk which is harmful to our health.

Of all animal agriculture, dairy production is among the most abused. Many people today don’t understand the true nature of milk production, holding onto the vague notions that cows evolved to provide milk throughout their lives, or that they can do so via genetic manipulation, without being pregnant. The truth is one that holds true to all mammals: Milk is baby food, so cows only make milk after they’ve given birth to a calf. Many people avoid confronting the uncomfortable reality that the corruption of the mother-infant relationship and the complete violation of the mother’s body are the defining features of modern milk production.

According to Dr. Hyman, cows have been manipulated by drugs and zero grazed in order to provide more milk than they should. Today’s cows are kept in hundreds, indoors in filthy conditions for the entirety of their lives. They are impregnated by artificial insemination when they are just over a year old, and like human mothers, their gestation periods last about nine months. Their calves are removed from them either immediately or within 48 hours after birth rendering the separation between the mother and calf more stressful. But this is convenient for the farmers to claim because removing the calf early prevents them from drinking any of their mother’s milk, meaning there will be more to sell to human consumers.

Far from being the health elixir touted by the dairy industry, cow’s milk is increasingly understood to cause many adverse health effects. Frequent consumption of cow’s milk can promote deadly diseases, fractures of bones, and acne-riddled skin. Common health impacts associated with frequently consuming cow milk.

Lactose intolerance

It is the inability to digest lactose, a protein found in milk, due to the absence of an enzyme in the digestive system. Humans are the only animals to drink milk into adulthood and the only ones from another species. Just as human milk is designated exclusively for human babies, cow milk evolved to be consumed only by young cows. For this reason, people are lactose intolerant.

Bone fracture

Contrary to what the dairy industry has long claimed, drinking milk can deteriorate bone health and lead to a condition such as fractures.

Elevated cholesterol

Due to high levels of saturated fats found in full-fat milk blood cholesterol levels can become elevated, leading to a heightened risk of stroke and heart disease. It should be noted that plant-based milk has no cholesterol though it has other casino genic thickeners.

Increased risk of cancers e.g. ovarian and prostrate

Many studies have linked the consumption of milk with the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer. Women who consume two or more glasses of milk per day experienced a 44% increased risk of developing the disease, compared with lower rates among women who did not frequently drink milk. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men living in Kenya. Milk has been found to increase the proliferation of cancer cells. Obese men are particularly at risk for the disease.

Prevalence of acne

Dr. Hyman says dairy consumption irritates and worsens acne. Research suggests that the hormones which naturally occur in milk can trigger acne. Article growth hormones given to cows to increase milk production, as well as protein like whey and casein found in milk, can also act as triggers.

Milk is readily available in so many households, but what people don’t know is if you can make almond milk in the comfort of your kitchen. https://pin.it/3ABNsvZ


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