Christmas is approaching; magic and love are in the air. Everyone is excited and wants to ensure that this special holiday is enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family; however, planning an itinerary is easier said than done. Different countries celebrate these holidays differently but in Kenya, we celebrate them as we have never had another holiday. Populations living in the city go to the upcountry, the Christmas tree is always decorated at the beginning of the month, and children and adults can be found shopping for clothes, food, and drinks. Restaurants are always busy with food orders and walk-in clients; hotels and home destinations are all booked for vacation all this in appreciation of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Try the following tips from our Winnie’s Pure Health family to yours:  

  • Bake special, unique Christmas cookies

Cookies are a Christmas classic for a reason. Cookies can be manipulated and cooked into different fancy designs including a ginger man that kids in the family would love to indulge in the preparation. Make it interesting by making different shapes that the kids relate to. Try our Chapati Afya flour for delicious cookies.

  • Decorate a gingerbread

Christmas trees and Santa Claus may be the most recognized symbol of quintessential Christmas, but there’s another holiday tradition that resonates deeply for anyone celebrating the merriest season. It is the gingerbread house. You can either buy the gingerbread kit or make it from scratch. Whichever you will choose be sure kids will love decorating the model with all their favorite sweets.

  • Plan for a family photoshoot

Need a reason for the whole family to dress up for the season? Plan a fun family photoshoot for an activity you’ll look back and smile about it. Look for Christmas hats and colors to make it more fun for the kids to enjoy. You can make it more fun by adding a few props with merry colors.

  • Attend a church service

Many churches offer a special service on Christmas eve, making it a great activity for a religious family. It is also a good opportunity to dress up in Christmas attire and teach young children the real meaning of Christmas.

  • Plan to visit or invite family to join you for Christmas

Sharing this beautiful and eventful season is the best thing you can do for your friends and family. Make meals are cookies that your visitors will enjoy also plan for games like ugly sweater parties that your visitors will enjoy participating in besides just food.

  • Make decorations out of old Christmas cards

Are your holiday cards pilling and filling up space? If so this is a good activity to do to help you declutter your shelf, also it’s a lifetime habit you are encouraging your kids to learn to recycle and reuse.

  • Volunteer and contribute to the community

Are you looking to give back to the community during the holidays? Take your family to a local shelter or other volunteer organization. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your little one about the spirit of giving back to society.

  • Plan to go for a hike or camping

If you are looking for a way to cut off a Christmas meal, a family walk or hike is a great idea. It also helps the kids get involved with nature and enjoy the local Christmas decorations and lights.

The festive season is technically almost always a complete “write-off” on healthy eating! The Christmas holiday, or even the month leading to it, is an inevitable showcase of abundant dinners and copious drinking “sherehe”. However, with all the parties and eating we should remember that it is just a season and we should consider doing things on a budget to prevent expenditure and later repercussions. Happy holidays!


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