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Kenya is a gorgeous country with amazing vacations spots, getaways, and holiday destinations. Safari books capture Kenya’s exotic locations, quiet beaches, serene sites, and dazzling sunsets. The magic in Kenya is truly something to behold.  This East African country offers abundant forests, fascinating lakes, highlands and valleys, glorious mountains including the second-highest mountain in Africa, and diverse birds and wildlife. Wildlife phenomena, such as an annual wildebeest migration in the Mara River draw visitors from all over the world. The diversity of things to do in Kenya dazzles all who visit and view the country’s abundant wildlife tops the list.

In this beautiful land, the culture is soaked and drips love from different ancient tribes such as the Maasai, Samburu Turkana, and Mijikenda who still live and practice their traditional norms; living in relative harmony with the natural world. You want to see elephants visit Amboseli national park, or you want to marvel at the natural pink carpet in Lake Nakuru made with thousands of flamingos. Beyond the famous destinations lies a beautiful vast of coastal treasures. You can sunbathe and enjoy the best breeze from the ocean, dive fish-rich corals and experience the melting pot of rich cultures and cuisine in Mombasa and Malindi, and explore tropical islands steeped in Swahili history all this found in one country Kenya.

Topographically Kenya is surrounded by amazing calderas and mountain ranges, and the magnificent great rift valley that can be seen at the viewpoint. To the east of the great valley, you can see the beautiful Mount Kenya and drink water from crystal clear streams. Lake Bogoria is known for natural geysers and hot springs where you can boil your eggs and enjoy the beautiful scenery. To experience the busy and yet so calm Kenya head to Nairobi where it is the center place for everything you need. This city was once the capital of British East Africa, making it legendary for its colonial history. It is easy to access more destinations when in Nairobi here are just a few that top the list:

  • Masaai Mara National Reserve

It is located in the southwest of Kenya bordering the Serengeti National Park with a vast scenic expanse of gently rolling African savannah plains. This national park is among the top best destination in Kenya with so many wild animals to see. Lions, Cheetah, Rhino, African Buffalo, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Zebra, and many more animals are found in the parking area in their natural habitat. It is no surprise then that tourists from the world over travel here not least because the reserve has been voted one of the new Seventh Wonder of the World. The park is famous for the Great Migration, when thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle travel to and from the Serengeti, from July through October. The Maasai Mara has a myriad of activities including experiencing a safari on hot air balloons, going for a game drive and coming eye-to-eye with a lion and many other animals, visiting Maasai villages, and getting to know the unique culture of the Masaai community, and of course, experiencing the Wildebeest migration.

  • Amboseli National Reserve

One of most Kenya’s popular tourist parks, crowned by the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. The reserve is one of the most optimum places in Africa to view large herds of Elephants in their natural habitats.

  • Lake Nakuru National Park

Located in Rift Valley Kenya, famous for its huge flocks of pink flamingos. It is a salty water lake and covers almost a third of the area of the park. The park is mostly known for the birds but it has other wildlife that you’d enjoy seeing.

  • Malindi

Located in the northern part of the Kenyan coast, Malindi is known for its rich culture and heritage. It is popular because of it being a historic old town and part modern tourist hub. Travelers come here to the sun on the white sands of Watamu Beach and dive the coral reef of the Malindi and Watamu Marine National Parks. Also worth visiting is the Marafa Depression which is a sandstone gorge.

  • Mombasa

It is Kenya’s second-largest city and biggest port. It is a multicultural tourist magnet of different combinations with a mix of culture British, Arabs, Indians, Portuguese, and Asian immigrants add to the many different cuisine and architecture that is evident. Mombasa is an island connected to its growing development on the mainland by a causeway, bridge, and ferries. It is famous for its historic 16th –century Fort Jesus and Old Town with its narrow streets, ancient Swahili dwellings, and souvenir shops. Beach lovers will enjoy worthy strands nearby, Nyali and Bamburi being the favorite.

  • Lamu Island

This small island houses the UNESCO World Heritage site, Lamu old town is the Kenyans oldest continually inhabited settlement, with origins dating back to the 12th century. Its top attraction on the island includes the Lamu museum with displays of the Swahili culture and regions, Lamu Fort, and the Donkey Sanctuary. Combine history and leisure while sipping Arabic coffee while gazing on sand dunes.  

  • Samburu, Buffalo Spring, and Shaba National Reserves

Located on the Ewaso Nyiro River Samburu, Buffalo Spring, and Shaba Reserves lie in an arid region in the remote north of Kenya. The Shaba reserve has dramatic scenery including river-side forests, scattered woodlands, and dry grasslands dominated by the Shaba Hill volcano. The wildlife in all three reserves depends on the water of the river to survive. Wildlife in these areas includes Somali ostriches, Zebras, and gazelles. Also, a top attraction at the reserve is the Sarara Singing Wells, this is a local watering hole where Samburu warriors sing traditional songs while hauling water for their cattle to drink.

  • Nairobi National park

You don’t have to travel far from Nairobi to enjoy a safari. A mere 10-minute drive from Kenya’s capital and you can gaze at a snoozing pride of lions or graceful giraffe strutting through the golden grass at Nairobi National Park. All the classic safari is here including the endangered species at the park’s rhino sanctuary, zebras, hippos, elephants, and leopards. This is a place you can enjoy with your family at an affordable price. You can also visit the Giraffe Center where the beautiful giraffes eat right out of your hands. Visit The David Sheldrick Wildlife trust and come face to face with orphaned baby elephants.

Kenya has an abundance of wondrous places you can visit with friends and family or even a solo trip.  Explore the magnificent natural beauty that Kenya has and leave no stone unturned as you travel in this adventure called life.


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