True Womanhood: Things to Tell my Daughter

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Do you spend enough time with your baby? This question haunts most modern parents, the assumption being that the more time you spend with your child the better they will become in the future. But honestly, it is how you spend your time together that matters and has a huge impact. As a parent, it is good to establish a foundation with your daughter when she is young so that when she is much older, she will trust you.

  1. Throughout the lives of a daughter, they may feel inadequate because of what the culture says they should look like or do. But do not let them believe the lies. Tell them as a mother that they are the best and can achieve what they want so long as they work hard. Here are a few things to tell your daughter to help the little girl be the best version of herself.
  2. It is okay to cry and be emotional, she needs to know that it is okay to shed tears and be hysteric. However, how she will handle the emotions will play a great part in her life. Teaching her how to gain control of her feelings and staying mentally healthy is good.
  3. I love you, reassure your love to her. Hearing it from you means a lot to her. Sometimes you can list the things you love about her, hug her tightly and tell her you love her. Whatever you do, your daughter needs to know without a doubt that she is loved and you genuinely care for her.
  4. Remind your daughter that she is always beautiful, apart from all the bad things that people out there will tell her, she needs to hear her mum say she is pretty. Don’t always make it about physical beauty. Recognizing the beauty within her gives the confidence to continue pursuing those qualities you love and boosts her confidence.
  5. Reaffirm that your daughter is enough, at times we struggle with the feeling that we are not enough. Don’t let your daughter fall into the same mind trap. Remind her that she is enough just the way she is.
  6. One of the most important things to tell your daughter is she is worthy of your time and attention. We often forget to communicate this with our words. Holding her hands and telling her she is worthy speaks volumes to her.

Those are some of the things that would help your girl, be the best version of herself. Are there some of the life lessons you would want to add to your list? What is the one thing you would say is the most important thing you learned from your mom? Let us keep reminding our daughters to be kind and responsible in everything they do.


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