Blended Families

women raising families

Relationships in blended families bring about unique dynamics within the new family. Here are multiple tools to help you succeed in forging your new family; these tools are can be used in all family relationships – blended or not: 

  1. Prepare your children beforehand about their new parent and siblings (if any)
  2. Respond to the children’s emotional needs.  Making them feel loved, heard, valued, and understood
  3. Set household rules as a family and keep updating them as your grow
  4. Exercise patience
  5. Develop new traditions will help the family to bond better
  6. Don’t put your partner in the position of them picking sides.  In case of fights or arguments, not all are related to the children therefore, avoid making it appear like the kids are the issue
  7. Discuss with your partner about sibling rivalry should it arise
  8. Be optimistic
  9. If co-parenting with your ex, make the relationship cordial for the well-being of the child
  10. Have the money talk with your partner will help minimize arguments that may lead to an unhealthy environment for the family to thrive
  11. Prioritize your relationship as a couple and show your children what a healthy relationship looks like
  12. Keep open communication where there is free expression of emotions
  13. Be kind to yourself

Children are versatile and adaptable and with steadfast commitment, some fun, abundance of love opportunities are limitless. Just like anything worthwhile developing a successful family takes time, creativity and patience!


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