Vaginal Tightness

Vaginal Tightening

Most if not all women desire to feel sexy and confident when it comes to bedroom affairs. To salvage a relationship or to satisfy a partner, several have opted for vaginal tightening. This practice may be a shocker to some.  However, it is not as rare or, foreign. Vaginal tightening is an old age practice that is now becoming an illegal booming business hazardous to reproductive health. Despite the health implications attached, how far are women willing to go to ensure their ‘cookie jars’ are attractive and delightful?

Childbirth and age could result in the natural loosening of the vagina. In an age where men appreciate a tight ‘honey pot’ and often speak ill of a loose one, some women try to tighten their vaginas. Besides the use of simple home remedies like apple cider vinegar and lime juice, other items available in the Kenyan market that promise to deliver tight vaginal muscles are:

  1. Virginity soap
  2. Virginity creams, gels, or pills
  3. Madura sticks
  4. Pink taco powder
  5. Alum or shabu (as referred to by Swahili women)
  6. Vaginoplasty (surgery)

While some of these products do not conform to health regulations, women have continually used them probably because of the praises that follow thereafter from their partners or the sexual pleasure.

Detrimental health effects:

  1. Vaginal dryness can result in painful sexual intercourse and tissue damage that may expose one to infections and inflammations
  2. Allergic reactions to the ingredients if using creams and gels
  3. Irritation
  4. Yeast and bacterial infections from creams and gels that contain glycerine
  5. Overtightening of the vaginal muscles if left for so long. This is the case for alum
  6. Considering alum has a sand-like texture, it can lead to scarring if not used properly
  7. Disruption of the natural environment or alteration of pH can result in infections
  8. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  9. Cervical cancer
  10. Like any other invasive procedure, vaginoplasty could go wrong

Except for surgery and medical procedures, the vaginal tightening items are readily available and affordable. The cost of purchase ranges from 100 shillings all through to less than 5,000 shillings. However economical they may be, some of the effects like cancer may be irreversible and expensive to treat.  For this reason, we highly advocate for safe procedures like kegel exercises, leg ups, pilates, and glute bridges exercises.

The business may be profitable and with high returns but is overall health worth the risk? Instead of glorifying sex as merely physical, we ought to get deeper and view it as an emotional connection. We encourage partners to be be patient with the women in their lives. Prioritize healthier alternatives to maintain and optimize sex appeal.  As for the women, may you be confident enough to appreciate your bodies that you are willing to do whatever is safe to keep your bedroom affairs steamy.

We owe our women the responsibility of ensuring they are safe as they maintain the health of their vaginas.


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