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Content consumption in Kenya has undergone a massive revolution. The shift from having VOK as the main channel to having numerous shows, and currently various online platforms; the steady transition from cable television to online content cannot be assumed.  Consumption of online material is one that has exponentially exploded due to smart mobile phones and telecommunication companies. Vlogs (on YouTube, Vimeo), podcasts, and movie/documentary platforms continue to have a positive reception among Kenyans.

Whatever your preference, lifestyle and fashion, health, nutrition and wellness, leadership and management, entertainment, cooking, family and motherhood, travel and food reviews, spiritual, hair, love and relationships, and self-growth, information is made available from local creators all through to international personalities.

Here is a list of some of the YouTube channels whose content we find appealing and worth checking outFashion, beauty, and lifestyle

  1. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle
  • Wabosha
  • Joy Kendi
  • Wanjiru Njiru
  • Joanna Kinuthia
  • This is Ess
  • Fashionable Stepmum
  • Lucia Musau
  • Geek on fashion

2. Spiritual

  • Transformation church
  • Elevation Church
  • Grace Shunnet
  • Soila and Curtis

3. Natural hair

  • Craving Yellow
  • Michelle Anyango
  • Sheila Ndinda

4. Health, nutrition and fitness

  • Just Gym It
  • Dr. Fitness
  • Jane Mukami
  • My Planted Kitchen
  • Tizi Talks
  • Koboko fitness
  • Dr. Simi Adedji

5. Travel

  • Natalie Tewa
  • Lucia Musau
  • Miss Trudy

6. Family and parenthood

  • Green Calabash
  • Soila and Curtis
  • Yummy Mummy

7. General content- Over 25, Caroline Mutoko, Craving Yellow, Kate Actress, Cele’s Reflections, Milly Chebby, Maureen Muhia, and Wahura

8. Entertainment

  • Njugush
  • Abel Mutua

9. Cooking

  • Cooking with Jaz
  • Chef Raphael
  • Kaluhi’s Kitchen
  • Mandi Sarro (Miss Mandi’s Throwdown)
  • Ordinary Kitchen
  • Chef Ali Mandhry

Podcasts are go-to audio sessions that can be listened to at work, on a road trip, or in Nairobi traffic. are Kwik brain, The Joe Rogan Experience, Oprah Supersoul Conversations, A bit of Optimism by Simon Sinek, living truthfully by Amani Maranga, Legally Clueless by Adelle Onyango, Motherhood, Kenyan Wallstreet, Jesus and Jollof, Ben Cyco podcast, and It’s related I Promise. These are but a few of the online channels. Not done merely for the likes and subscriptions but done for an audience that appreciates genuine and intentional content.

What’s your go to YouTube vlog or podcast?


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