Body Types; Beyond the Dressing

body types

A closer look at several TV stations and YouTube channels that focus on body types and dress code will give you an idea of what the majority of women are interested in. The body types topic is such a conversation starter because most ladies desire to know how to love and live in their bodies. A few of those not comfortable in their bodies will tend to shy away from such conversations. While cultivating how to dress your body type is a wonderful skill to have, understanding the implication that body type superseded external attire is primary.

Fat deposition to body type is the focal point when it comes to health. Excessive amounts of fat could result in the individual being at risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Some will experience fat deposition around the thighs and hips but others around their torso. While some are experiencing the fat deposition, others have trouble gaining weight and can maintain a lean frame. It is necessary to know your body type so you can indulge in the right diet and exercise.

  1. Apple
  • The individual has a thick torso, broad shoulders, smaller hips, legs, and arms.
  • Any weight gained is likely to go to the stomach that translates to increased visceral fat levels. This results in an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Individuals with this body type should consider limiting processed carbohydrates and saturated fats and consume more on whole cereals and healthy fats.
  • High-intensity interval training and at least 45 minutes of cardio exercise are necessary for reduced visceral abdominal fat (Journal of Diabetes, January 2017).

2. Pear

  • The pear-shaped individual has narrow shoulders, a small waist, and larger hips and thighs.
  • The gluteofemoral fat deposited on the hips and thighs is the healthiest place to store fat. Those with this kind of weight distribution have a decreased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is for this reason that this body type is considered the healthiest. However, excess fat is hard on the joints, heart, and brain regardless of the storage point.
  • This body type is associated with higher estrogen levels. Therefore, foods such as caffeine, alcohol, and trans-fats which can increase estrogen production should be avoided. A low-fat diet that is rich in fiber is encouraged.
  • Cardio workout and resistance training should form part of their routine.

3. Hourglass

  • The hourglass turns out to be the most coveted body type amongst women. It has driven some women to purchase body shapers, corsages, and going under the knife to acquire the shape.
  • Individuals experience evenly distributed weight between the top and bottom yielding in a ‘snatched’ waist. Gaining weight can go unnoticed as is evenly distributed in your body.  Therefore, the individual should practice smart snacking, indulge in high fiber-rich, and low-fat foods.
  • Exercises that concentrate on toning the body are encouraged

4. Inverted Triangle

  • The individual has a big chest, neck, and shoulders but is smaller in size farther down. Similar to the apples, they are at risk of storing fat around the stomach area.
  • They should consider a diet rich in wholegrain cereals and healthy fats. Their intake of processed foods, sugars, and saturated fats should be very minimal. 
  • Beyond the diet, they ought to focus on exercises that build the lower body like squats, lunges, and leg raises.

5. Rectangle

  • The individuals with this body type have the fastest metabolism with fat evenly distributed. The measurements of the chest, hips, and waist are relatively similar.
  • They tend to gain and lose weight with ease. Unfortunately, if the individual fails to maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight accumulates around the stomach region and this poses some health risks. Instead of getting comfortable with the idea that you are slim, physical activity should be a priority.

Whatever your body type is, embrace it and love it. Take good care of it by eating right and working out. Treat it like the sanctuary it is.


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