You Are What You Think


Is your glass half empty or half full? This question has been used as a marker of positive thinking. It may reflect your outlook on life and attitude to self. Positive thinking is not about burying your head in the sand and assuming that all is okay but rather having a positive and productive approach to an unpleasant situation.

Humans are energy fields. If our aura is full of negative energy, we attract the same negativity around us. The law of attraction which includes positive thinking also has immense benefits to our health and well-being.

Health benefits of Positive Thinking

  1. Reduces risk of depression
  2. Reduces stress levels
  3. Boosts immunity. Negativity and stress result in a compromised immune system
  4. Improved cardiovascular health. Positive thinking plays a key role in preventing blood pressure
  5. Slowed aging and increased life span. Research under JAMA psychiatry recorded that optimistic adults are 55% less likely to die earlier than their gloomier counterparts
  6. Developing resilience to cope during hardships
  7. Improves fertility for both men and women. Positive thinking relieves stress which increases the probability of conception
  8. Improves the quality of life in cancer clients

Our thoughts are contagious and we ought to be positive. Meditating, practicing gratitude, being kind, stressing less, having some uplifting pep talks, surrounding yourself with positive people, and following a healthy lifestyle are great pointers to training your mind on positive thoughts.

It is ‘easy’ to think about all the possible things that could go wrong but it is more exciting to focus on what we can create to make the situation better. In addition to all that you can be, be positive!


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