Fathers and Their Role in Mental Health


Today we are crushing on our men, those who have raised us directly and those through their indirect input have raised us to be the strong men and women that we are.  For that and much more, we celebrate you on this very special day.  Happy Father’s Day!!

With every child born, a father is born and this clearly indicates a change over in the title as well as responsibilities.  The title is changed from just a mere man to a father, a title that tunes them to have the superman characteristics of handling matters.  The responsibilities are changed from what he initially knew in order to incorporate the fatherhood roles.  

It is interesting how fathers wear different hats to fit the different roles and titles expected of them by their wives and children.  To the baby girl, the father is her first love and her knight in shining armor.  A clear indication of how a love relationship should be.   This is the kind of relationship that sets her standard on how she should be loved.

To the boy child, the father-son relationship is one that needs to be fostered because the son is a mirror of his father.  He is the first contact person who depicts what manhood is all about.   His role is to instill in his son outstanding leadership skills, confidence as well as to teach him how a man is to always protect his family both physically and emotionally.

The importance of maintaining these relationships is that they create a safe emotional space for the children.  The mental health of these children is improved and they are able to operate better.  In addition to that, it helps boost their self-esteem which makes the children better citizens and friends who do not bash others as well as them not been involved in any form of bullying.

The role you play may seem minute but be assured that it is very impactful.   Fatherhood involves warm and sensitive parenting, good communication, boundary setting, and positive supervision and it is these vital roles that help improve the mental health of their children.  The mere thought of knowing that your ‘Superman’ is around to always protect you, watch over you, tuck you in bed, hug you tight when things are tough, cheer you on when it seems impossible to forge on and even provide not only material wealth but also their time, is comforting enough for your mind.  It is this assurance that protects us from getting caught up in the web of stress or worse still depression.

The mere thought that everyone is looking up to you is not easy and this is why we continually appreciate your efforts.  Regardless of how small or big the wins may be in acing the father duties, we join in to celebrate these wins.   We may not continually say how proud we are of you, but be assured that we love you and we would not imagine our lives without you.  You may not be 100% perfect but even in your imperfection, you are doing a splendid job in raising mentally sound children.

Everyone has their own father story, some will bring us to tears because of the hefty laughs, some will bring back awesome memories whereas to some, there is nothing to write home about.  Regardless of the joys and wounds that may have been instilled by our fathers, it is important to note that, even in the absence of our paternal fathers, we ought to celebrate the men that have raised us.  It may be that awesome uncle, an understanding step-dad, a religious leader who has helped our spiritual walk and a supportive teacher who has cheered us on to our goals.

Whatever the case, take time to celebrate that special person that has played or continually plays that role by spending time with them or even engaging in an activity they love to take part in.  From us here at Winnie’s, we have a range of products you can choose from to prepare your father’s favorite meal and have some quality time as you indulge. 

Well, as you reminisce on the best memory of your father, ours is that of a man who has been nothing but supportive and available.  What say you? What are some of the memories you have of your old man? What will you be doing to appreciate him?


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