Cheers To The Women For Raising Healthy Families

Cheers to the women for raising healthy

Happy international women’s day.

Today we are all about celebrating the women. The women strong enough to hold down the responsibilities thrown at them with so much grace, those on the forefront in championing for the rights and a better world for this generation and the next after that, women not run down by jealousy but instead support another sister’s hustle and last but not least the strong women raising a strong generation of women who are self-aware and are not moved by the various societal pressures.

It is tough being a woman but for every role played and the wins regardless of how small they may be in ensuring that families have healthy food all along the food chain from the farm to the table, we celebrate you. From us here at Winnie’s Pure Health, we celebrate these strong women by giving them a range of products that are not only used by themselves alone but the general family throughout the life cycle as well as tackling the various nutritional problems.

The lifecycle approach of nutrition, which ensures that all ages are well attended to and given their nutrient requirements as desired for optimal growth, that is well maintained by our women in the community is highly significant as it helps avoid vicious cycles of poor health and nutritional status and in turn an overall high cost that is incurred in managing these diseases.

At the onset of complimentary feeding, the best product to use is the Toto Afya one cereal porridge flour with added milk powder that is not only tasty but essential for a healthy and strong baby. For the lactating mothers, we understand your greatest desire is to increase milk production and we got you covered through our hibiscus tea, Wimbi Afya and Uji Afya porridge flours. Not only are the porridge flours designed to help the lactating mothers only but the greater family as well including the aged.

Besides the life cycle approach, we get to ease the burden in managing the various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension and arthritis through our various food products among them the Brown Rice, ugali Afya, Chapati Afya, healthy teas, Wheat Grass Powder and Herbal Salt. The Brown Rice, Ugali Afya and Chapati Afya to be specific has dietary fibre which helps in managing the sugar levels by ensuring they do not spike up or drop down significantly, weight management due to the satiety feeling, maintaining the blood pressure levels and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora which helps keep colon cancer at bay.

The Wheat Grass powder is a perfect product for arthritic family members as it helps reduce the pain brought about by rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to that, the herbal teas are good antioxidants which help keep the cancerous cells at bay as well as improve immunity. For the hypertensives, the Herbal Salt is the perfect for use because of the health benefits the herbs present in maintain blood pressure levels.

it is not easy taking care of everyone else because of the toll it has on us and especially our skin. We got to keep our skin glowing and hair on fleek. Besides the rosemary herb bath for a relaxed body why not enjoy a Pure Chamomile Drink for healthy hair and glowing skin. From us here at Winnie’s Pure Health, we got to celebrate our women the healthy way and ensure that that what is on the inside reflects on the outside.


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