Nappy Hair

“We don’t go ‘natural’ we return. ‘Natural’ is where it began.” Anonymous Natural hair is the new black. Gone are […]

Feed Your Skin

Most of us desire smooth, clear, glowing, and supple skin. This has created a billion-dollar beauty industry luring several to […]

Love the Skin You’re In

“Black girl, you are magic.” In 2014 a Kenyan socialite opened up about her skin whitening procedure, social media was […]

Is Your Bra Killing You?

Bras are considered quintessential garments in a lady’s life because of the different roles they play. Bras like technology have […]

The Struggle to Lose Weight

“Pima Weight (know your weight) and Pima height weight” are the commonly heard phrases when you visit Nairobi Central Business […]

Seed Cycling; Is It Really Worth It?

Women’s health and hormones are an inseparable discussion. Estrogen and progesterone, the most known of the female reproductive hormones because […]

Leveling the Hormones

One month you experience your menstrual flow and the next it is amiss.  You assume it is normal but 2-3 […]