Purple Is for Royalty; Epilepsy Awareness

Recently in Kenya, an encounter with an epileptic experiencing a seizure would result in name-calling.  In ancient times, several people […]

The ‘Soldiers’ Within; Boosting Immunity

Growing up, one cartoon character stood out not only because of how interesting he was but how he subliminally passed […]

The ‘Beans’ Above My Waist

Our bodies are wonderfully intricate and the mere thought of how all systems work is a mystery.  In line with […]

I Am and I Will; Beating Cancer

In 2019 Kenyans declared cancer a menace.  Almost every TV station broke the news that Kenya was a ‘cancer nation’ […]

Food and Love

Food is different things to different people but whatever your definition is, we can agree that we love our food.  […]

Detoxing Daniel’s Way

Christmas is always a guilt-free time to indulge as it is always a ‘parte after parte’ affair. The majority will […]

The Super food That Is Amaranth Grain

As a health-conscious organization, our mandate is to create awareness on healthy living and one way to go about it […]

Fathers and Their Role in Mental Health

Today we are crushing on our men, those who have raised us directly and those through their indirect input have […]

The First 1000 Days of Life For Infant Growth And Development

What a joy the pregnancy period brings not only to the expectant woman but to the larger family as well.  […]

Cheers To The Women For Raising Healthy Families

Happy international women’s day. Today we are all about celebrating the women. The women strong enough to hold down the […]