Message from the CEO

We are a Spirit living in a body and our body is controlled by our mind.
As a spirit we are all powerful, eternal and pure.
As a spirit we have unconditional love for self, for others and for God.
It therefore means that if we choose to live by the Holy Spirit which is in us and is core of what we are,
we shall have a pure mind full of self love for ourselves, others and God.
Our mind  needs to be anchored in the Holy Spirit for it to engage
in positive supportive thoughts and for this to happen consistently,
we need to be remembering and getting in touch with who we are.
This way we shall have a mind which will support us in engaging the body in healthy habits.
Eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle is a creation of a positive mind.
Appreciating healthy foods and consistently eating the same can only be made
possible through a self loving mind fed and empowered by the Holy Spirit within us.

Eating healthy foods like Winnie’s pure health products is self loving because it is
natural food that the body is able to digest, assimilate and eliminate keeping the body healthy, strong,
energetic, clean and rejuvenated.
Practice body,mind and spirit connection and you will enjoy eating healthy foods and embracing a healthy life style.
Don’t just eat with your mouth, eat with your mouth, mind and spirit. Eat with self awareness
This is my living testimony.