Kitchen Gardens; Beyond the Aesthetics

September 4, 2020

One of our innate human desires is to have a beautiful place to call home. Several urban and peri-urban dwellers have been motivated to focus on gardening. A visit to their homes is often met by beautiful patios, balconies, and backyards. Beyond aesthetics, free, organic food is enough motivation to get you started on your own kitchen garden.

At first sight of kitchen gardens, natural beauty is appreciated but thoughts on the cost implication and lack of space creep into some people’s minds. Contrary to these ideas that may hinder one from setting up a kitchen garden, little space is required and they are very affordable. These gardens provide an opportunity to use recycled containers, pipes, and bottles, broken kitchenware, old tyres, and gunny bags. Containers have better water retention ability when compared to gunny bags thus keeping plants moisturized.

With the equipment to use explored, plants to be grown should be carefully selected. Consider growing what you like for gardening to be a rewarding venture. Next, put into consideration the plants’ needs such as water, soil fertility, sunlight exposure, and temperature. Try hassle-free herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These include aloe vera, lemongrass, mint, basil, coriander (dhania), rosemary, pepper, sukuma wiki, and spinach. These plants have immense health benefits.

After selecting what to grow sourcing the right seeds is the real deal. Seeds can be purchased from certified seed dealers such as Simlaw, Fresh Co, and Amiran; seedlings can be purchased from local plant sellers, JKUAT, KARI and organic markets. Though seeds are cheaper, they take time to grow. Finally, plant and embark on an enriching journey that expands your spirit, mind and body. Enjoy the beauty that nature radiates through plants and may you reap the full benefits of the fruit.