Aging Like Fine Wine

March 30, 2020

“What an old man sees while sitting a young man cannot see while standing on a tree” (African Proverb).

From time immemorial, we have believed that with old age comes wisdom and respect especially at the sight of gray hair.  It is this belief that has some people excited while turning a year older.

However, this excitement is short-lived since one can only enjoy the happy birthday, how old are you song for so long until it dawns on them that they are indeed growing older and they are no longer comfortable mentioning their age. Birthday parties shift from exuberant celebrations to intimate family dinners. The noise in clubs is disturbing and one can no longer gyrate their body how they used to because the bones are not in agreement with the moves.

There is fear and anxiety associated with aging.  Biologically, aging is a natural process that we are blessed to go through.  The best thing about aging is the quality time one has with their loved ones and the positive approach to life.

Like fine wine gets better with age, so should we age gracefully.  Aging gracefully is about living your best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it. If aging gracefully were a person, then Ernestine Shepherd (2010 world record holder of the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world) would be the perfect definition. At 83 years old, she is able to do what most women her age or even younger cannot do. Her strength and poise are worth writing about. 

It is worth noting that aging like fine wine is about the following things;

1. Being kind to your skin

2. Exercising; strength workout should be included in order to build muscle

3. Having a balanced diet

4. Minding your mental health

5. Getting enough sleep as this helps with the immune system as well as keeping stress at bay

6. Meditation

7. Proper stress management techniques

8. Reducing intake of alcohol and avoiding smoking

9. Regular intake of water

10. Practicing gratitude

11. Having a positive attitude

12. Proper financial planning. This is to avoid the depression and high dependency cases associated with lack of finances in old age.

Aging does not need to be stressful as is the status quo. Be happy and pursue health! Surround yourself with those you love because love is all you need. Remember, in this journey of aging gracefully all you need is self-love.